Friday, February 19, 2016

Visiting - ER

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 64  Lo 58 --  This week is flying by. It seems there's been a lot of health service people here all the time, sometimes three in one day. There have been  two nurses,  PT (physical therapy) here a couple times. I'm doing well with the breathing and the lungs are clear. The Occupational therapist was here and has decided I'm doing well with strength in  the arms. I'm to continue the exercises and don't overdo it and he's not coming back.  I've heard that a lot lately, don't overdo it. It seems when the PT was here and checked out the lower leg, that it was important to go to ER and be checked for blood clots. The calf is black and blue and it hurts to put my foot straight up or put pressure like standing on my toes.  We had some dinner and headed to ER on Wednesday night. It was packed with sick kids. We both put on a mask and waited a few hours. I finally got in, got a scan of the leg, then was released. I was fine, but Jim just didn't want to take a chance in not checking it out. We were home by 1:30am.

On Thursday we met with Missy and Rowdy. I've been chatting with Rowdy in the RV-Dreams Chatroom for the past nine years. They are from Alaska and will be going full time RV'ing in the next few months. It was great to meet them, thanks you two for meeting up with us.

Missy, Rowdy, Jim, Dee

My sis, Doris,  and her friends came up from Okeechobee for a visit. It was great seeing her again.  She's come up a few times while I've been in the hospital and rehab. Thanks sis.

In back, Nancy, Jody, Left front: Sandy, Dee, Doris

I made my first dinner tonight. I get tired real quick, but Jim is glad I'll be taking over making meals again before long. We may get to a couple movies but otherwise, I'll do the exercises and not OVERDO it.  


Laurel Owen said...

Glad it wasn't a blood clot, that's scary. Keep up the good work!

Dizzy-Dick said...

Glad you got checked out and are recovering in the Florida sunshine.