Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rehabilitation - Owner of Mobile Home

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 55 lo 43 --  For Florida it's been a cold winter, which was predicted because of El Nino. I don't notice it, I've been in rehab for the past two weeks. I was taken from the hospital in Sebring to rehab in Avon Park by ambulance. It was easier that way then try to bend a knee that didn't want to bend and stuff me in the car. The cost of $70 was worth it. The ride was a rough one, It's bouncy and like a log truck.

 It's been a rough stay at rehab because of bronchitis, and breathing at a minimum it's been difficult to do the exercises. It's surprising I haven't been in much pain with the knee. Some of the exercises I've been doing do hurt, but it doesn't last long. The main one is stretching so I won't have a limp or bent leg. The people here have been excellent and they only push till you say it's enough. Once the knee relaxes a bit then a little more pressure is applied. It's amazing the movement and the increase in bending and going straight has been after only three weeks since surgery. The black and blue is pretty much gone on the left side, but still some on the right side. The main pain it just under the knee cap. Ice is a big help after each session.

The funniest thing (for me) is the arm and wrist exercises. I work with two pound weights and they're killing me. The arms are hurting a lot more then the knee. I'm just a whimp. I'm really surprised how out of shape I am in the upper body. The reason upper body strength is important is using a cane and the walker plus you have to use the upper body to get out of a chair or the bed. It looks like I may be here another week, I just can't get my balance to walk on my own. If I get back to the RV there will be at least four days a week a therapist comes and helps with the walking  and movement.

While I'm in rehab, Jim went to Auburndale to close on the mobile home we bought. The couple will be there till end of March then we'll move in. That gives me time to be able to move more and help with the transfer of stuff. All the details are on the blog,

We'll have a good time getting setup this summer, plus we'll be going to Chicago in May for our step granddaughters wedding. I have to get walking, there's a lot going on and it's coming up fast.

I'll do another blog in a week or less.


Jessica Riker said...

Yeah! Glad to hear that you are doing so well and making such great progress. Harry and I are still down for the count with these monster colds we caught.

Laurel Owen said...

Glad to hear that rehab is coming along. You'll be out and about in no time. Looking forward to seeing more pictures when you move in.

Speedy said...

Sorry I just can't read your journal about the knee problem you are having because it makes me hurt! Being a DAV because of my injuries overseas I can't think about your leg hurting because I start hurting and then I feel bad the rest of the day. I feel for you and hope you have a real quick recovery. When you get settled in your new digs Sherri and I would love to come by and see you.

smdrm said...

Glad to hear the rehab is going well, but most importantly, that you, Dee, are back home. Sorry we won't be able to meet up with you two this trip. You'll see from the blog that we've had motor issues that being settled today (we hope), and work will take us back to the FLorida panhandle tomorrow. Hugs and best wishes to you both!!

Selene & Hank