Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jim's Birthday - Kentucky Wineries

(Shepherdsville, KY)  Hi 83 Lo 56 -- Jim's birthday was Tuesday. We went to a movie, A Walk in the Woods. We then went to his favorite steak place, Texas Roadhouse, for dinner. He wore the new Tilley hat I gave him, which gives him a totally different look from the baseball cap he usually wears. He looks more like a professor, or a hiker.

Jim's new Tilley hat

He got a 20 oz ribeye for his birthday. He sure did enjoy it!

The movie was a good one, and we enjoyed it, but we wouldn't have minded if we waited to see it on video.

Wednesday we re-visited a few wineries here in Shepherdsville that we've been to before. One of my favorite wines is at Forest Edge Winery. They still had the one I liked plus a couple others that were good, so I got a case. We also went to Wight-Meyer Vineyard, and Millanova Winery. I bought four more bottles. Before returning home we stopped at the liquor store to get some bourbon for Jim. This unique vodka bottle caught my eye. It's called Tommy Gun Vodka. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Today we met Gerard and Lacretia. Gerard has been part of the chat room family since 2008. They are new to  the full time lifestyle and workcamp about an hour and half from our park. We met for lunch at a Beef O'Brady's near Churchill Downs in Louisville and spent the afternoon talking about travels, future plans, and reminisced about our military days. (Gerard is a retired Air Force fighter pilot.) We had a wonderful visit with them and we hope to see them again in Florida this winter.

Jim, Dee, Lacretia and Gerard.

I got back to crocheting this week. A little dog.

Breakfast anyone?  A plate with and egg bacon and cup of coffee with cream.

See you in a few days.


Dizzy-Dick said...

A belated but a very happy birthday greeting to you, Jim. Is it another 39th?

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday Jim! Hope you enjoy your new Tilley hat, it looks good on you. We have been very happy with ours and we are just about to start our 3rd year with them, well Kevin's at least. My hat ran into an accident with the washing machine early this summer, so I ended up getting a new one because of the guarantee. So if you do wash it in the machine do it by itself and on a gentle cycle.

Laurel Owen said...

What a cute crochet project! Perhaps a crocheted hat for Jim next? :)

Gypsy said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Jim. Did he really eat all of that steak?

Mike and Terri said...

Sounds like Jim had a great birthday! That steak sure looks good... and big!

That bottle of vodka is pretty cool. I don't think it would fit in the liquor cabinet too well though.

Bob and Jo said...

We are way behind in reading blogs so a very belated Happy Birthday