Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bye to Illinois - Back to Indiana

(Indianapolis, IN)  Hi 80  Lo  63 -- Sunday, while still at the Hollywood Casino RV Park in Joliet, IL, Jim wanted to see his beloved Dolphins on TV. DirecTV offered the first week of the NFL Sunday Ticket package for free. So I left him home and drove a little over an hour to visit our friend Shelly. We've known Shelly for over 30 years, she was our kids' babysitter. She recently moved into her new home in Huntley, IL. I'm directionally challenged and get lost easily, but I studied the route carefully, plugged the address into both my Garmin GPS unit in the car AND Google Maps on my smart phone, and took off. Both GPS units sometimes disagreed with each other (that happens a lot in our travels), but when that happened I followed the instructions on Google Maps. I was very surprised I got there and back without any wrong turns. (Believe it or not I even get turned around while following GPS.) Traffic was heavy but not like it is on weekdays.

Shelly and Dee

When I got back we went over to the casino for dinner at their buffet. It was our last night at the park so we decided to do a little gambling. We both lost a few dollars in the video poker machines, then Jim played some blackjack. He ended up winning enough to pay for our dinner, so it was a great night out.

Monday morning we had the free continental breakfast at the casino hotel, then after a stop at the dump station we headed to Indianapolis. The traffic wasn't real bad and it was a smooth and enjoyable four-hour trip. We arrived at Lake Haven Retreat on the south side of Indy. This is our second visit to this park this summer and, unlike our last visit here in July when we drove through severe rain and thunderstorms, the weather was bright and sunny. We're both excited to be on our first leg south toward Florida for the winter. We're here for a week.

See you in a few days.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Just curious, why did you pick Florida over the other southern states. South Texas and southern California should have warm winters, as do quite a few others.

Tumbleweed Dee said...

We love Fla. We were married there and lived in Melbourne for four years while being in the military. We're closer to family. No offense to anyone, but we DO NOT like it out west.