Friday, August 7, 2015

Back to Ohio - Broken Refrigerator

(Lake Milton, OH) Hi 80 Lo 56 -- On Wednesday we had a smooth short trip from Pennsylvania to Lake Milton, Ohio. We're making kind of a loop around the midwestern states this summer. The only things we have planned is for Jim to attend some Major League baseball games. He's been to many of the major league stadiums during our travels and he's trying to go to as many as he can while we're still on the road. While here he's going to Cleveland for an Indians game this next Wednesday.

The weather has been wonderful, with warm days and cool nights, letting us open the windows and leave the a/c off.

We arrived at Green Acres Lake Park Campground early afternoon. It's under new management, and they still do all their reservations and registrations on paper, no computer. They're hoping to change that soon. Here are some photos of the park. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Our back-in site, with full hookups and 30 amp service. Notice the trash can right next to our site? We love that!

This old class A motor home is parked behind us. It has a... uh... interesting paint job.

There are two pavilions for meetings and othere activities.

This small swimming lake (more like a pond) is separate from the fishing lake. It has a nice man-made beach.

Playground area

Bocce, shuffleboard, and horseshoe area

There are many seasonal residents here, with RVs of all shapes and sizes. It's always interesting to see how some people arrange and decorate their sites.

This one has a really nice looking party area, complete with outdoor bar.


Fishing lake. Boat rentals are available.

This building has a game room on the ground floor, and a small cafe on the second floor.

It's a very nice park. We're about halfway between Akron and Youngstown, just off I-76.

Thursday night we started to smell an ammonia odor coming from our refrigerator. That's not good! It's a sure sign that our cooling unit has gone bad. We immediately turned it off and Jim went to the office to get some a couple of RV mobile maintenance referrals. He called a guy and he promised to come out this afternoon (Friday), and said he would call before he comes. Well, it got to 2pm and we didn't hear from him. We noticed an RV mobile repair van was wandering around the park, so Jim tracked him down. Tim, the driver, was nice enough to check our fridge and verified that the cooling unit is bad. Jim called the first guy to cancel the service call ($125 saved), and we put ourselves in the care of All-Pro RV Service of Alliance, OH. Tim called us back from his shop to inform us he can get a cooling unit from their warehouse early next week. Our extended service plan should pay for all but $50 for the repair. Yay! Meanwhile, we got a couple of bags of ice from the office to try to save as much of our refrigerator food as we can. We know we'll lose most of the meat that was in the freezer. Oh well! We'll keep you advised on how all this turns out.

See you in a few days.


Laurel Owen said...

It's not fun having no refrigerator! Hopefully it will be fixed soon. We'll be in Akron area September 7-11.

Bill said...

Check around, you might be able to get some dry ice and put the frozen stuff in a cheap Styrofoam cooler. Or cook all the meat you can refrigerate for now and use later. When you are done you can give away or throw away the Styrofoam coolers.
That is what we did when our cooling unit died.

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

If you can't keep the meats frozen like Bill suggested then cook it. That will make it last longer just being cooled.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Mark from Missouri said...

For some reason I thought you guys had switched out to a residential fridge, or does that give off the ammonia smell? We are still thinking going with the gas electric will fit our style of travel. One of the hardest decisions to make.

We are heading north from Kansas City on Wednesday morning. Will be heading up through Indiana to Michigan for a week. Renting an RV for the trip - yay.

Hope the temps are cooler up there.