Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pittsburgh Pirates Game - Movie Day

(New Stanton, PA) Hi 89 Lo 74 -- On Sunday I drove about 45 minutes to PNC Park in Pittsburgh to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Washington Nationals. Attending baseball games has been one of the things I've enjoyed the most during our travels. I have a goal of visiting as many of the major league ball parks as I can while we're on the road.

PNC Park sits on the bank of the Allegheny River on Pittsburgh's north side. I parked downtown and walked across the river on the Roberto Clemente Bridge, seen on the right side of this photo.

When I got to the other side of the river I snapped this shot back toward downtown.

The streets around the ball park take on the feel of a street festival on game day, with lots of vendors and family activities.

PNC Park is the prettiest ball park I've visited so far. The view of the Pittsburgh skyline over the outfield wall is just spectacular! The yellow bridge at the left is the bridge I walked over.

The park also has wonderful amenities and great food. I'm not a fan of the Pirates, being as they're in the same division as my Cardinals, but I respect the team, the city, and their fans. The team was down for many years. But they're now one of the best teams in the league, and nipping at the heels of the Cards. I'm happy their fans are able to enjoy the good times that us Cardinals fans experience just about every year. ;)  The Pirates won the game 3-1, so everyone went home happy (except me).

Today we went to see the movie Ant Man. It was an entertaining summer popcorn movie, and we both enjoyed it. Anyone who has had an ant problem in their home might get a little creeped out in some parts, though. :)

See you in a few days.


Mike and Terri said...

That's another one you can check off the list! :)

Ryan said...

I took my used RV to the theater and really enjoyed Ant-Man!

no more hatred said...


You might want to visit Flight 93 while you're in the area. It's pretty close to where you are,probably about 45 minutes. http://www.nps.gov/flni/index.htm
I went there last year.
Also Linn Run State Park is really nice & the town of Ligonier has a really nice farmer's market every Saturday that's pretty big. Amish vendors are there. Get there early. The town is really quaint and pretty also. All of these places are really close to you. I grew up in the area.Nice time of year there.Gale

no more hatred said...

I forgot, Frank Lloyd's house "Fallingwater" is also near you in Somerset,PA. The Steeler's training camp is also going on right now in Latrobe, PA @ St. Vincent's College. That's about 30 minutes from where you are. http://www.steelers.com/schedule-and-events/training-camp-schedule.html


no more hatred said...

Nice shots of Pittsburgh & PNC Park.Looked like a beautiful day. I was in Pittsburgh in June for a visit. I forgot to mention that I think the Steeler's training camp is free or it might be $5 a day (or to park) & parking is in a big field. My mom lives across the street from St. Vincent's College. Sorry I posted several times. I guess you can't edit posts on here. Gale