Thursday, May 28, 2015

RV-Dreams Reunion Rally: Days 4, 5 and 6

(Marion, NC)  Hi 82 Lo  67 -- The RV-Dreams Reunion Rally isn’t like a normal rally, where there are a lot of seminars and the emphasis is on learning. It’s more laid back and un-structured, with an emphasis on visiting and having fun. Most of the visiting is around the nightly bonfire, but we also gather in small groups under the awnings of various RVs.

Jenny, Arlene, DJ, Louise

Bill, Tom, Nancy, David, Sharon, Marci

A listing on the bulletin board is for information on what is coming up the following day. It also has maps of the tour locations.

Several people checking the board reminded us of being in school and checking your grades.

There are some organized trips during the week, such as ziplining, river rafting, and a tour of the Biltmore House in Asheville. We didn’t do any of those, but we did go on an “Ultimate Foodie Tour” today (Thursday) at the small town of Black Mountain. It rained off and on all afternoon, but the 12 of us had a great time as we were led to six different establishments to sample some wonderful cuisine.

The tour started at the historic Monte Vista Hotel in downtown Black Mountain. They sat our group in their sunroom.

At each stop the chef would give a talk about his or her restaurant and explain the dish he prepared. 

Our first dish was a Grilled Tuna Tostada.

The second stop was the Red Rocker Inn, a combination restaurant and Bed and Breakfast.

They served us a glass of had Pinot Noir wine, and a Parmesan crusted pork belly on a bed of risotta and mushrooms..

The owner of the Inn, the chef was her 27 year old daughter, (no picture)

We were shown a couple of the rooms at the Inn..

Louise’s Kitchen was next.

They served a Smoked Pork Quesadilla filled with cream cheese and black beans.

The chef explaining how he made the dish.

The fourth stop was Dark City Deli and Pub. We had little jars of alcoholic apple cider and their signature chicken club sandwich, with a small side salad.

The fifth stop was the Merry Wine Market, where we got to sample a couple of wines and their home made root beer.

The last stop was Kilwins Chocolate Shop, where we enjoyed some fudge and ice cream samples for dessert. 

The Ultimate Foodie Tour was a lot of fun, and the food was extraordinarily good. We don’t usually get to experience “fine dining” so it was quite a treat for us. And we especially enjoyed sharing the experience with a group of friends.

Another blog to follow from the rally. Marci and Tom

See you in a couple of days.

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Laurel Owen said...

How much fun was that! I would have gone :)