Saturday, April 4, 2015

On the Move After Five Months - Nick Russell Tells Our Story

(Naval Station Mayport, Jacksonville, FL) Hi 86 Lo 65 -- Friday, we said goodbye to our card playing group. I also went to the last craft and crochet class of the season.  (Click on the pictures to enlarge).

I made this Easter egg decoration out of yellow ribbon.

The last sunset at Adelaide Shores RV Resort. It's sad we'll miss some of our friends who won't be back next fall. There were several who sold their seasonal park model homes and will stay up north.

This morning we hitched up for our move to Jacksonville. After five months in one place we found out we're out of practice. Everything took extra time as we methodically followed all the steps of the process. We finally pulled out around 10:15.

Vi took our picture when we left.

We made good time until we got to I-4. Traffic around Walt Disney World was backed up to a almost a stand still. There weren't very many semis or RV's, but lots and lots of cars. There were a few construction zones, but mostly it was just the normal horrible Orlando area traffic. Our son who drives in Chicago traffic every day would feel right at home. :) We took it slow and easy.

We arrived at Pelican Roost RV Park at the Mayport Naval Station a little after 4:30. What Google Maps said would be a four-hour trip turned out to be over six hours. Our first five days here we're in a back-in site on the back row of the park. The site was tight and it took Jim a couple of tries to get backed in. But he finally made it, and our set-up procedure went very smooth. Jim got the satellite dish set up just before it started to rain. We love this RV park. We try to stay here at least once every year. In five days we'll get to move to one of the nice front row sites with a clear view of the St. Johns River, and enjoy watching all the ships go in and out of the channel.

The clubhouse and office building is right across the street from us.

We're looking forward to an ejoyable 11-night stay. We don't know what we'll get into yet, but I know we're going to spend some time on the beach, which is less than 1/2 mile away. We'll post more often now that we're on the road.

Nick Russell, editor of Gypsy Journal and one of the more popular RV bloggers, was nice enough to tell our story in one of his recent blogs. It explains how we became fulltimers and what motivated our decision to adopt this great lifestyle. You can click here to read it. Thanks Nick.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Glad to see you made safely to Mayport, back in 1967 I left Mayport from pier C2 on the USS Shangri La. C2 is right across the channel first pier on the right.Back in those days they called it the Mayport Carrier Basin since two carriers were always homeported there.There was a large airfield there for the air wing to land if then weather was bad when a carrier was due to deploy. If not they just waited until the carrier cleared the channel and landed on board.A lot of memories for me down there. Have a great stay.

Al and Karen said...

I4 is one of the most hideous highways to drive on! We try like heck to avoid it at all costs. We have found that it is so much better to go on 417 towards the airport and hook up with I4 back in sanford, bypassing the whole Disney traffic mess. It's a toll road but much easier driving.

Bill said...

No mention of being in Nick's blog - ?

Tumbleweed Jim said...

Taken care of, Bill.