Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Friends - Last Day in Mayport

(Mayport Naval Station, Jacksonville, FL) Hi 79 Lo 68 -- The days are flying by. That's what happens when you're in a favorite spot. It's time to move on tomorrow to South Carolina, on the way to spend a month with Jim's family in Morehead City, NC.

Sunday was a relaxing day doing nothing. We love those days. We did go down to check on the progress at the beach. The pipe carrying the new sand is getting longer and longer.

On Monday I got a text from a friend telling us that Randy and Pam, fellow RV-Dreamers who read our blog, are in our park. I went to the office to find out what site they're in, and found out they're only three sites from us. We walked over to meet them and spent some time getting to know them. It's always great to meet new full timing friends, especially blog readers!

Pam, Randy, Dee and Jim

Also on Monday we went to see the movie Furious 7. It's a fast-paced action movie with totally over-the-top stunts that were amazing to watch. (We have no idea how they filmed some of them.) We both just put our brains in neutral and enjoyed the ride.

Today we went to lunch with Randy and Pam to Singletons Seafood Shack, the same place we went with Jessica and Harry last week. It was great sitting on the deck with a water view, enjoying good food and good conversation. After lunch we stopped at the Safe Harbor Seafood Market to buy some fresh fish for our freezer. Thanks for our time together Randy and Pam. We hope you'll come spend some time at Adelaide Shores with us next winter.

This afternoon Jim did the laundry (the laundry is free here, which is awesome!), and we made final preparations for our move tomorrow.

See you next time.


Jen Nealy said...

Hello...just found your blog via RVillage - we're currently in Jacksonville and was looking to see who was nearby. We're staying at Hanna Park, but it looks like you are leaving today! Anyway I snagged a couple of restaurant recommendations while reading through your posts so I'm looking forward to checking those out! Safe travels!

Randy Warner said...

It was great to finally meet you two! Thanks for showing us a great seafood restaurant in the area. We are going to take your suggestion and checkout the ferry today.
We look forward to seeing you all in Avon Park next winter!

Laurel Owen said...

Nice to meet new friends! Safe travels to NC :)

Dizzy-Dick said...

I spent a two and a half years at Wilmington, N.C. on a temporary work project with G.E. Nuclear and have been to Morehead City. Really nice area, the coast of N.C. Since the plant where I worked also made jet aircraft engines, when the Blue Angles or the Thuderbirds came to the air show there, they would come and tour our plant.