Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Movie Day in Jacksonville, NC

(Cherry Point MCAS, Havelock, NC)  Hi 69 Lo 55 -- We were both ready for a day out so we decided to have a movie day. We've been wanting to see the Disney movie Monkey Kingdom. The closest theater it's showing is in Jacksonville, NC, about an hour away. 

It was a very cute movie and we enjoyed it very much. The theater is in the Jacksonville Mall, so after the movie we had lunch at Red Robin (one of our favorite chains), then walked around the mall for awhile window shopping.

Marine Base Camp Lejeune is in Jacksonville, NC, and we've never been on that base. So we decided to check it out and see if we could find the base RV park. The first thing we found out was Camp Lejeune is a very large base! The RV park is right on the ocean at Onslow Beach, a 10-mile drive from the main gate. Here's a few photos of the area. (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

Beach access is right across the road from the RV park.

The recreation area has cabins available for rent.

What a nice area! We have to stay there some time. 

Here's the whole group of the critters I've been crocheting. 

These are my latest, a baby bear holding his baby bottle, and a kitty.

We have two more weeks before moving on. We're enjoying it here on North Carolina's Crystal Coast.
That's all for now.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Those are the cutest little critters!! My wife likes to crochet so I showed them to her and she also thought that they were really cute.

Anonymous said...


You should sell your critters on Etsy. Too cute!


Jim and Judy said...

And they don't leave a mess!