Monday, April 20, 2015

Family Time

(Cherry Point MCAS, Havelock, NC) Hi 80 Lo 68 -- It's been rainy since we arrived so we haven't been out much. Saturday morning Jim went to his mom's and joined her at the monthly potluck brunch at her senior complex. He enjoyed meeting his mom's friends, and the food was delicious!

When he got back Saturday afternoon we switched back and forth between the NASCAR Xfinity race and the Cardinal baseball game. A very low key day. Sunday Jim's sisters Robin and Sharon came over for a visit. It was great catching up with them. Later it was more NASCAR on TV from Bristol. The race was delayed all day due to rain and finally got going that night.

Today (Monday) the sun was in and out most of the day, but it was very muggy. We may get some severe weather this evening. Jim did his daily walk and then we did some shopping at the MCX (Marine Exchange) across the base.

I've been busy making little Amigurumi critters. Here's all of them so far.

I still need to get better, but the more I do the better they get. They don't weigh much or take up much room and they're fun to do. It's great for a rainy day.

That's all for now.


Dizzy-Dick said...

I gave my wife your blog address so she could look at what you made. My wife is into crafting and crocheting. We both think they are cute and you did a good job on them.

Anonymous said...

My sil and bil lived at Havelock NC when her hubs was in the Marines they live in the pacific northwest now, they miss the shore and the crabs they got from the shore, I like your blog and get a kick out of where you visit as that is where my sil and bil got to go to living in Havelock..Hoping you enjoy the time spent with family & friends!

Peter said...

You know, they say the only thing more stressful than moving is death!