Saturday, March 28, 2015

Visitor - Appreciation Dinner - Anniversary

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 74 Lo 47 -- Riley Mitchell, a regular reader of our blog, drove down Thursday from the Tampa area to visit us. Although he's only 23 he already has an RV. He'll be going to Maine in the next couple weeks. It was great meeting him and hope to see him again. Thanks for coming down, Riley.

Thursday I had a dental cleaning, which is the last medical appointment before we leave next week. It's great to have all the doctor appointments done. We're both good to go till November when we start the process all over again.

The owners of Adelaide Shores had an appreciation lunch for all residents on Thursday. We had BBQ sandwiches, chips, and baked beans. The BBQ was made of beef and elk, and it was very tasty. There was a great turn out.

The owners prepared and served the meal.

Friday the Happy Hookers (our crochet club) got together for lunch at the Hibachi Buffet in Sebring. There were 20 of us and we had a great time.

Speaking of Happy Hookers, here's a couple of the new projects I've crocheted this week. A couple penguins. the little one is about 2 inches. I'll be doing a lot more during the summer months.


Today we gave Tumbleweed a good bath. We completely washed the exterior, and tomorrow Jim is going up on the roof to do some re-caulking.

Today is our anniversary. It was 45 years ago when we walked down the aisle. Here's how we looked then:

And here we are today. We haven't changed much... have we?

Our anniversaries are kind of low key these days. Tonight we're going for a quiet dinner at Red Lobster.

See you in a few days.


Laurel Owen said...

Happy anniversary! You two look fabulous:)

Mark from Missouri said...

Happy anniversary guys!

Thanks for adding the blog follow link at the top of your blog page. Looking forward to new posts.

Jim and Judy said...

Congrats on your anniversary. Judy and I have a ways to go before we catch up!

Kristin and John said...

The only difference I see is that you lost your eyeglasses. Happy Anniversary!

Mark from Missouri said...

Forgot to pass along last night in the RV Dreams chat room there is a minor league stadium now with a team called the T-bones ( here in Kansas City. The stadium is right down the street from the Kansas Speedway. Obviously, if you all came to town we would be glad to show you around.