Sunday, December 28, 2014

Movie - Crochet Items

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 81 Lo 66 -- For all our plans to "rest up" from our travels this winter, it sure has been busy! I haven't even had time to play shuffleboard yet. I've been crocheting, a lot! I made Christmas gifts and afghans for the grand kids, and a bed runner for my sister, plus a couple afghans for Here's a few pictures of them:

Placemats and hot pads


Bed runner

Baby blanket for

I'm working on two more and will post photos of them when they're done.

We're enjoying the movies we've been seeing lately. Friday we went to see "Into the Woods". It's based on the Stephen Sondheim musical that played on Broadway in the 1980's, and we both enjoyed it a lot. It's a mashup of four well known Grimm fairy tales, showing what happened after the "happily ever after" endings. Very enjoyable. (And Meryl Streep was wonderful!)

The weather has been great so we've sat outside taking in the warm sun a little more. I crochet and listen to music, and Jim listens to podcasts during and after his walks. People are returning to the park after being with family for Christmas. We said hi to a couple as they walked by this afternoon. We're enjoying the downtime, but when will we get to rest???

See you in a few days.

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Speedy said...

I am sorry that I have not taken the time to say hay. I have been so tied up with getting things ready to sale the house that I have not been reading much. Hope you guys had a great Christmas and be sure you have a wonderful New Year!

Joe Sherri and Kris