Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It Got COLD! - New Phone

(Avon Park, IL) Hi 58 Lo 41 -- It's been a busy few days of doing nothing. We're loving the down time with reading and crocheting, and even catching up on recorded TV shows and movies.

The temps went way down last night, but at lease we don't have snow like up north. It got down to 41 degrees. It's supposed to be back to 80 by the end of the week. We're so glad we came down to Florida a little earlier than planned this year. The park is still almost empty of RV's, so a lot of folks will probably be delayed coming down from up north because of all the snow.

We're getting our doctor appointments done at the beginning of our stay instead of in the spring, in case things need more attention. Jim had his annual physical exam today and is in tip top condition. Blood pressure ok, cholesterol ok, no prescription meds. In fact he's improved in some areas from last year. How does that happen?? I'm still waiting on my test results.

I've been having trouble with my phone for a long time. I had it replaced under warranty a month ago (for the second time), and the new one is doing the same thing. It's very slow, to the point I sometimes couldn't even answer calls before the caller hung up or the call went to voicemail. So we stopped by the Verizon store to see what could be done. I'm not eligible for an upgrade until February, but it just so happens Verizon has a deal going on where you can trade in your old phone for a new Droid Turbo, and you pay $25 per month for it for two years, but Verizon credits the $25 back to you each month on your bill. All we had to pay was the tax on the full price of the phone, which came out to $42. And, although there's no contract involved, I would have to pay off the rest of the payments if we left Verizon before it's paid off. But we have no plans to leave Verizon anyway. I know, it sounds too good to be true. I now have to reload all my apps to the new phone. I'm getting good at that, since I've replaced my phone under warranty twice in the last year and a half. The Droid Turbo is brand new, it just went on sale Oct 30, and boy does it have a lot of fancy bells and whistles! So hopefully I'm set for at least a couple of years. I'm just glad to finally have a phone that I can answer calls on. The guy at Verizon did say that particular model of Motorola phone I had was known to have lots of problems. I'm glad to be rid of it. The new phone is awesome!

We're doing fine here in the south and when something of interest comes up, we'll be sure to tell you about it. Please stay tuned.


Dizzy-Dick said...

I still have my old small flip phone and even had the texting turned off on it. I guess I am old fashioned and believe a phone is to talk on, only. I use my tablet or my laptop for all other types of communications. If I want to take pictures, I use my camera.

Karen and Al said...

I'll just bet the motorola phone that is known to have a lot of problems is the Razr Maxx, which is what I have. It's driving me crazy, but I have unlimited data so I can not upgrade through Verizon. Can you tell me what phones you had that you didn't like? I'm thinking of buying one off Amazon or E-bay and I understand I can keep my unlimited data that way. I just don't know what to buy.

Glad you made it south before the bad weather up north. It was pretty chilly here in Tampa too.

Jim and Judy said...

Just another day in paradise.

Bob and Jo said...

A new phone is always good, amazing how many new bells and whistles they keep adding.

Allen Fernandez said...

Florida must've been a sanctuary from the cold temperature you experienced back then. It's amazing how much comfort the warmth of the sun can provide, once you've been in the cold for so long. Anyway, it seems like you're enjoying your new phone a lot. It's essential to have a perfectly reliable phone when you're traveling around in an RV. Thanks for keeping us posted, Denyse! Take care always! :)

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