Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to October

(Juliet, IL) Hi 73 Lo 45 -- I can't believe it's the first of October. It's that time of year when the trees are turning color and turning quickly. We're hoping the colors last until we head south to Florida in a few weeks.

We went for groceries at Walmart this morning. It's not very far away. It's so cool to see the foods we're familiar with and things we normally buy in the east that you can't find in the west, and vice versa. It's been a fun summer experiencing all the different food items at Walmarts around the country. I'm going to make chicken and dumplings for the kids later this week so I got all the supplies for it today. Jim and I both love it but it makes too much for just the two of us, so we love coming here to share it with the kids.

Rick came over late this afternoon and we went to Aurora to watch Grandson Jack's soccer practice. We then went out to Red Robin for dinner.

Jack and Rick

We took Jack back home and then came back to the RV. We said good night to Rick as he left for his 25 mile drive home. It was another great day with the family. We'll be watching the weather tomorrow, there's a chance for severe thunderstorms.

See you tomorrow.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Visiting with relatives is a good way to spend a day.

Bob and Jo said...

It is interesting to see the different food in the different areas of the country.