Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Knock on the Door

(Joliet, IL) Hi 61 Lo 50 -- It was cloudy and very chilly today. It dropped 30 degrees from yesterday. We didn't have anything planned today, so we stayed in all day. I crocheted and Jim was on the computer and his Kindle all day.

This afternoon I saw another Carriage fifth wheel pull in and within a few minutes they came over and knocked on our door. B.W. and Carol are on their way to Indiana. B.W. started the Carriage-Lifestyle Owner's Club and they had just come from a rally in Amana, IA. We're hoping to get with them again while we're here. They found out we were here in the park by checking the RVillge.com website. We love that site.

Tomorrow we'll get out and get some errands done, and we'll get some more grand son time tomorrow evening. My replacemenjt smart phone arrived at Rick's today, so we'll get it tomorrow so I can set it up.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllis said...

Just think - if there was RVillage back when we were parked next to each other near Rapid City, we would not have needed Donna to let us know.

Jim and Judy said...