Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lunch With An Old Friend

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 64 Lo 39 -- Today we went to have lunch with a dear friend from my military days when I worked at the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) in St. Louis. Steve is a civilian analyst at DMA. His job is so secret that, although I've known him for about 25 years, I'm still not sure what exactly he does. :)

Steve is one of the most intelligent guys I've every known, and I look forward to our annual lunches. They remind me of a terrific movie from the 70's called "My Dinner With Andre." Just two guys conversing over a meal. But today wife Dee and son Frank were included, and we had a ball discussing our families, and subjects ranging from the Beatles to world affairs and politics. We met at Sqwires, a wonderful pub in the Lafayette Square area of South St. Louis.

For all you foodies out there, here's what we had:

I had a sausage and pepperoni pizza. I don't know what kind of cheese was on it, but it was different, and delicious!

Dee had a Greek Wrap Sandwich with seasoned fries.

Son Frank had a huge order of nachos.

And Steve had meatloaf, smothered with seasoned green beans.

Everyone rated their meal excellent! After three hours of stimulating conversation we reluctantly had to say goodbye. Thanks Steve, we'll see you again next year!

We have a movie day planned for tomorrow. See you then.

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Dizzy-Dick said...

Good food and good old friends make a great combination. I bet you all had an interesting conversation.