Sunday, October 5, 2014

Last Day With Son Rick and Family

(Joliet, IL) Hi 55 Lo 38 -- It’s been cold the last few mornings and we’re ready to move south. We were on the road to grandson Jack’s soccer game at 10:15 this morning. One thing we’ve learned coming to the Chicago area is to be ready to spend a lot of time on the road to get someplace. The game was west of Aurora, about an hour from us.

We met Rick at the soccer field thinking 50 degrees wouldn’t be that cold, but we didn't plan on a brisk and brutal wind that went through us. I had three layers of clothes, my big winter coat (I’m glad I kept it), and a big blanket, and I still felt cold. I guess my blood has thinned some from spending our winters in Florida. Everyone was bundled up. The referee didn’t show up so the game was delayed about 20 minutes before they finally 'borrowed' a ref from a nearby field.

Jack’s mom Kendra (too bad you can't see her pretty face)

Me and Jim

Rick with his camera focused on Jack


Jack is an awesome soccer player. But they played a tough team and lost 3-0. We went for some lunch before heading an hour the other direction to Ricks house so we could say goodbye to Laura. She's taking some college courses and had to do some homework so she wasn't at the game with us. We didn’t stay long. We said our goodbyes and, with hugs all around we headed home.

We decided to go to the casino for dinner. The Epic Buffet was great! Tomorrow is a travel day so we'll see you in two days.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Be safe and head for warmer climates. It was chilly this morning but warmed up way too fast and had to run the AC.

Judy Maddox said...

Goodbye's are always tough but the warmer weather should make it easier!!!! Be safe!!!

Laurel Owen said...

Lol, Dee. I've seen you bundled up like that on the beach at Myrtle beach ;)

DreamCatcher said...

Too bad you weren't still in Oregon, we are still in the 80s where I live! Our soccer games are usually wet and cold in the Spring.
Have a safe trip and I hope you find warmer weather soon.