Sunday, October 19, 2014

Busy Family Day

(Edwardsville, IL) Hi 70 Lo 46 -- Today was all about family time. It's so nice to have Jim's mom, sister, and Jimmie next door to us, instead of sitting 20 miles away in a repair center parking lot. This is their RV right outside our window.

Tumbleweed is on the left, and Jimmie's motor home is on the right.

Jimmie with Charlie, their adorable little rescue dog.

We had breakfast together to start off the busy day. Jimmie and Sharon prepared eggs, bacon, and grits. After we were all stuffed, we rested for a while and then left for grandson Kendall's football game. His Little Panther team whooped the Belleville Little Devils 59-14. The game was stopped after the third quarter because they were over 40 points ahead.

Kendall (facing the camera)

After the game we all came back to our RV park and had cookout in Jimmie and Sharon's "front yard". We had both of our grills going, cooking burgers and hot dogs.

Frank, Kendall, Angie, Alberta, Kyle and Jim.

Sharon and Jim did the cooking, while mom Alberta "supervised".

Kendall is filling up his plate.

Jimmie is relaxing.

It started to get chilly once the sun went down.

Frank, Angie, and the boys left a little after sundown. It was a wonderful day. It's very special when we get the "North Carolina" family and the "Illinois" family together. It doesn't happen very often.

Tomorrow we'll be saying goodbye to Jimmie, Sharon, and Alberta. We’re moving about 23 miles south to Scott AFB (which is closer to Frank and the family), and they're leaving on Tuesday to return to NC. We have one more week with the grand boys before we head to warm Florida for the winter.

See you tomorrow.


Bob and Jo said...

Family time is good time.

Judy Maddox said...

Happy you guys had a chance to be with all of the family!!!!