Monday, September 15, 2014

Wisconsin State Fairgrounds RV Park

(Milwaukee, WI) Hi 57 Lo 51 -- We woke to rain and it was steady all day. It was cold and dreary so our sightseeing will be delayed another day. It should be nicer tomorrow, and warmer. I’ll give you our park report a day early.  (click on the pictures to enlarge.)

There's a lot of road construction all around the fairgrounds, making it a little more difficult than usual to get around. But once you get in and set up, it's pretty nice.

Our site. It's all pavement. Not even any little grassy patches you sometimes see in fairgrounds parks.

We’re right in front of the office, bath house, and laundry.

Other views. Behind the treeline at the end of the road is the famous Milwaukee Mile auto race track. We can see the top of the main grandstand from our site.

Lots of RV’s are coming in for a circus coming in later this week.

They're setting it up across the street from us.

I’ve finally seen a couple of sunsets. Most of the time we've had trees blocking our view.

We watched TV and I crocheted all day. The sun came out late in the afternoon, so we’re sure we'll have a good day tomorrow for some sightseeing.

See you then.

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Janice L Evans said...

we just stayed in one of those all pavement Fairgrounds. . .but hey, for $18 for 50A FHU. . .I'll take it. . .and like you our weather was rainy and overcast, so we weren't worried about the heat at least. . .we are just now discovering fairgrounds after 12 years of fulltiming. . .go figure!