Saturday, August 23, 2014

Three Forks to Billings - Our Friend Jerry

(Billings, MT) Hi 61 Lo 56 -- We took our time leaving Three Forks yesterday. It looked like it would rain any second, but we got hooked up and made the whole trip without rain.

We had a smooth and uneventful trip of about four hours under dark, cloudy skies.
2014-08-22 views from three forks to billings MT (1)

It was beautiful to see the clouds on the sides of the mountains.
2014-08-22 views from three forks to billings MT (4)

2014-08-22 views from three forks to billings MT (11)

Farms in the rolling hills are so pretty.
2014-08-22 views from three forks to billings MT (20)


We arrived at the Billings KOA and got set up. We didn't know it until we got here, but this is the world's first KOA. It's a very nice park, and we'll have more about it in a few days.

We have been looking forward to getting to Billings because we had plans to meet our good friend Jerry. He's one of our Friday night dinner gang from our pre-RV days in Raleigh, NC. Jerry is a railroad enthusiast and every year or two he takes a month-long road trip out west to do train spotting and meet up with friends. We were lucky to have our travels intersect here in Billings.

2014-08-22 Jerry

Jerry got into town a couple of hours after we got set up. We went to his hotel to pick him up and went to dinner at Outback. It was great catching up on our lives, sharing our travels so far, and also getting the scoop on all our friends back in Raleigh.

Today it was raining when we woke up, and it didn’t quit all day. Perfect day to go see a movie. Jim's been wanting to see the movie "A Most Wanted Man." It's not playing in as many theaters as the more popular summer blockbusters, but he found out it's playing here in Billings.

We both enjoyed the movie. It’s a spy movie, but not the normal action-packed Bourne or James Bond type movie. It's a quieter, much more realistic story. Jim said it was so great to see a movie for grown ups for a change. And Philip Seymour Hoffman (in his last role) was wonderful! If you like intelligent, well-plotted suspense movies that don't have a car chase or shootout every five minutes, this is a good one to see.

After the movie we met up with Jerry for dinner at a Mexican restaurant near his hotel. It’s still misty rainy and very chilly, so when we came back to the RV we turned on the fireplace, got comfy and watched the NACAR race from Bristol.

See you tomorrow.


Jim and Sandie said...

I sure hope they're right when they tell us that the rain is supposed to move out of here tomorrow afternoon. KOA has their headquarters in the downtown area. That is why Billings had such a strict parking rule at Walmarts for a few years. KOA is pretty powerful around here but there was enough of an uproar from the RVing community that the town eased up.

Gypsy said...

That's a great picture of Mt. Ranier. I've never actually seen it in person, and just have to make it one of these days.