Friday, August 1, 2014

Finally Met a Long Time Chat Room Friend

(Puyallup, WA) Hi 83 Lo 57 -- Today was the day we got to meet with Phyllis and Bob. Phyllis is an RV-Dreams chat room friend that started chatting with us in 2007. They live in Kent, WA which is only 20 minutes from the state fairgrounds where we're staying.

Bob and Plyllis

We visited awhile, and I helped Phyllis figure out some things her PC, then we went to lunch. They took us to The Scoreboard, a sports cafe owned by their granddaughter Janae, and her husband Jason.




We also met Carol, who is Phyllis' daughter, and Janae's mother.

The food was wonderful and so was the company. Phyllis and Bob have always lived in this area. They have a Motorhome that they used to travel in a lot, but now they use it to live in during the winter months in Yuma, Arizona. After lunch they drove us around the Kent area and showed us many previous homes and places from their past. We then came back to their house for a while before we left again, this time for dinner with their group of friends who get together every Friday night.

We had a great visit with everyone, and enjoyed telling them all about about the full time lifestyle.

After a good meal and some great conversation we returned to the State Fairgrounds and to our home on wheels. It’s been a long week and it’s catching up with us. When you’re on a constant vacation and on the go day after day it makes you really tired. (We can hear your cries of sympathy from here.)  :)  It's time for some downtime, so we're taking it easy this weekend. The annual Seafair is in Seattle tomorrow, so we're staying away from there.

See you tomorrow.

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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Well, you finally got to meet Phyllis, that's more than I have, and I have known her years longer than you have!
Maybe one day Phyllis and I will meet.
Happy Trails, Penny.