Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trip to Seattle, WA - New Friends

(Puyallup, WA) Hi 85 Lo 54 -- It was a very foggy start yesterday morning as we left Seaside, OR for our 174-mile trip to Puyallup, WA. But the sun quickly burned off the fog and it was a very smooth trip. (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)


As we made our way through downtown Astoria I had to maneuver from lane to lane behind Jim to allow him to change lanes ahead of me. That's one of the advantages of being in two vehicles.

Interesting decorations on the highway along the way.

Our first view of Mt. Rainier. We're going to Mt. Ranier National Park later this week, so we'll have a lot more photos of this beautiful mountain.

We arrived at the Washington State Fairgrounds RV Park and go set up. It's a typical fairgrounds park, flat, good hookups, but not much to look at. We'll have some photos on a later blog.

We made arrangements to meet with Linda and Steven (The Chouters). They've been reading our blog for years. They bought a motorhome and are anxiously waiting to start their full time journey. They're staying in an RV park in Issaqua, about 45 minutes north of us. We were so glad to get to meet them.

After we sat in their motorhome and chatted for a while they took us on a driving tour of the area. They've lived here for the past 11 years. One of the places they showed us was a fish hatchery. It was the wrong season to see the salmon spawning, but we did get to see a large pool of rainbow trout.


We made a stop at El Caporal Mexican Restaurant for a delicious lunch.

Our next stop was Snoqualmie Falls.

The falls are 270 feet high, and at the top is the Salish Lodge.


Steven said the water level is low right now, but they were still quite impressive.
We got some “we were here” photos.


We had  wonderful day with them, and we look forward to seeing them again down the road. We headed back right about when rush hour started so it took a while to get back to the fairgrounds.

Our main air conditioner died last night. It's been making some funny noises lately so it was just a matter of time before it quit. We have a bedroom air conditioner so we're able to run that along with the fan on the main unit. It doesn't cool as well as before but we'll survive. We're having some other maintenance done when we get to Elkhart, Indiana in a couple of months, so we'll add the air conditioner to the list. It should be covered on our extended service plan. We're just glad we're not in the hot southwest right now.

See you tomorrow.


Jim and Sandie said...

Love those waterfall pictures. And it's always fun to meet up with people who have discovered your blog.

Gypsy said...

I've been in eastern Washington and some day I hope to get over to the western side of the state. The falls are beautiful.

Bob and Jo said...

Great waterfalls

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

If you can see Mount Baker from there, that was the view out of my window when I lived in Bellingham.
Happy Trails, Penny