Saturday, July 19, 2014

Biscuits and Donuts in Portland, Oregon

(Vancouver, WA) Hi 85 Lo 61 -- We’ve heard so much about what a beautiful city Portland is, so we took a drive today to check it out. On the southeast side of the city on the Willamette Riverfront is the Portland Aerial Tram. It goes from the riverfront up the hill and ends at the Shriners Hospital. It was $4.00 each for a round trip up and back. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Leaving the platform
2014-07-19 Portland OR (7)

Inside the gondola.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (23)

We passed the gondola going the opposite direction.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (42)

The ride gave us some beautiful views of the city and surrounding area.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (12)

2014-07-19 Portland OR (14)

2014-07-19 Portland OR (15)

2014-07-19 Portland OR (22)

2014-07-19 Portland OR (24)
2014-07-19 Portland OR (55)

We spent a few minutes on the open air terrace at the hospital.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (28)

It was cloudy, but we could still see Mt. Hood. Please click to enlarge the photo and you can see the peak of the mountain in the middle of the picture.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (37)

This is the view later in the day from the car on the trip home.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (86)

There are two eating places in Portland that are legendary, and we were told by many friends not to miss them. The first is Pine State Biscuits. It's a small shop that was started by a couple from North Carolina. They prepare all kinds of biscuit sandwiches, both for breakfast and lunch.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (68)

The line to get in stretched outside. But we didn't mind.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (69)

We struck up a conversation with the couple behind us who were visiting a family member that lives nearby. And I took a few photos of the kitchen through the window. This guy is rolling the biscuit dough. Their biscuits are scratch-made.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (70)

Spreading on the butter.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (71)

There were tables outside, but the first available table was inside, so that's where we sat.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (72)

Jim and I both had fried chicken biscuits, his with bacon, cheese, and apple sauce. You wouldn't think apple sauce would be good on chicken, but he said it was very delicious. Mine was a chicken club, with lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing. And it too was yummy! For dessert we had two biscuit halves covered in locally grown cherries and covered in whipped cream. It was sooooo good! Oh, and Jim had real, southern sweet tea,s which is hard to find this far from the south.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (74)

The biscuits were so good we bought a half dozen to take home with us. They'll be good warmed up with butter and honey on them. Thanks Jim and Judy for recommending Pine State Biscuits. They were almost as good as Miss Alberta's (Jim's mom) home made biscuits.

The building next to us was so pretty I just had to get a picture.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (77)

The next place that came highly recommended was Voodoo Donuts. There are two locations, the original store downtown, and one across the river on the outskirts of town. We went by the downtown location, but it was so crowded that we couldn't even find a place to park, and the line of customers stretched for over a block. Boy, they must be some good donuts! So we headed for the other one, which was much easier to get in and out of.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (79)

2014-07-19 Portland OR (81)

2014-07-19 Portland OR (83)

They specialize in big, fancy donuts with all kinds of different icings and toppings. We're not much into all that fanciness, so we got a few normal donuts and headed home.
2014-07-19 Portland OR (91)

Portland is a very pretty town. It's very clean (the parts we saw anyway) and it wasn't difficult to get around. The drivers seem more courteous than most. It is a very health-conscious city, with lots of natural food stores, bike paths and walking trails everywhere, and something we haven't seen: Zip Cars. There are stations where several Toyota Prius hybrid cars are plugged in. You pay a rental fee and take one of the cars, then drop it off at your destination and plug it in.

We got back to the park and settled in for a relaxing evening. See you tomorrow.


Gail Houle said...

I found out about Zip cars from daughter Nicole. She uses them all the time! Great for people that only need a car once or twice a month for an hour or two. Sure beats car payments and insurance :)

Tom and Marci said...

On our day in downtown Portland, we saw lots of people walking around with those pink boxes, but we never did get any!

Bob and Jo said...

Biscuits and donuts, does it get any better?

Laurel Owen said...

So glad you guys got to do the aerial tram. We didn't get to that :( Isn't voodoo donuts the best? We ended up at the other location too, the parking and line at the downtown location was crowded!!

Mike and Terri said...

Biscuits and donuts!!! Now I want to go there too! :)

That building was "too cool".

Mister Ed The poster boy but the real brains behind the scenes Miss Sheri said...

Hi guys 2 stops that are a must Portland rose garden (free)
And next door is the japanese garden ($)
Park near the tennis court for a one short parking spot
To get around do the tri-met train cheap and it covers all pf Portland and its fun and parking is free
And if your going in town a must do is the food trucks
At Washington and 10th st
One thing about Portland IT!S a food and taven city
Seems to be something to eat or drink on every block
And if your there on Saturday do the Saturday farmers market on the river front downtown it's big
Joy your day

Donna W. said...

love love good biscuits. I'm with you on the 'fancy' donuts. to me the real test of a good bakery is a good plain cake donut.

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