Saturday, May 3, 2014

Restful Movie Day

(Tucson, AZ) Hi 97 Lo 63 -- We had a restful night back in our site at the Davis-Monthan AFB Famcamp. The heat started early today on the way to 97 degrees, but it's only 7% humidity, so it's not like being back in the muggy east.

We caught up on blog reading and I worked on our budget, then we headed out to see the movie "Draft Day".  The theater was only a few miles down the road in a mall. I was lost with all the football lingo, but I love Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, so to me it was a good love story. Jim loved it for all the behind the scenes football stuff.

After the movie we walked thru the mall, which was very crowded. People must go to the mall to get out of the heat. We normally don't do movies on Saturday, but it was nice doing some people watching at the packed mall. 

We came back home to watch the NASCAR Nationwide race that we recorded. We're still getting use to being three hours behind Eastern time and our TV shows, sleep and meals are all out of whack. Arizona doesn't change to daylight savings time, so even though we're in the mountain time zone our time is the same as the pacific time zone. I wish the whole country would do away with daylight savings time.

See you tomorrow.

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