Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lazy Day, Waiting for the "Cable Guy"

(Tucson, AZ) Hi 73 Lo 54 -- All we did today was hang around home. We had intended a big day of sightseeing, but yesterday our sat TV dish got blown down by a huge dust devil and it got bent bad enough that it will no longer pick up a signal. I called a local satellite TV dealer in town and they agreed to send someone out this afternoon. So we played with our computers, I read my Kindle, Dee crocheted, and we waited for him to arrive. About 2:30 he called from the base gate, where I had to drive over and sign him in. He fixed me up with a new dish and everything is good. We have our 250 channels of HD back, just in time for the Cardinals vs. Braves game. :)

Tomorrow will be more exciting. Check back with us then.


Gypsy said...

It's so easy to get used to having TV, and hard to do without it. Have fun sightseeing tomorrow.

Betty Graffis said...

Joe has everything ready to pull out tomorrow. No TV :( But wait.....we are watching movies. So I don't really miss not having our Directv tonight

Bob and Jo said...

We understand about TV. We were ok in the cellular dead zones as long as our satellite dish worked.