Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rainy Travel Day – Catching Up With A Friend

(Gulfport, MS)  Hi 64 Lo 63 -- It wasn't raining when we hitched up Saturday morning for our trip to Gulfport, Mississippi, but we did have some rain showers on the way.

The traffic was a little heavy on I-10, but overall it was a smooth trip. The jacks are coming up, the slides are coming in, and the wheels are rolling. So far so good, only another 35-40 more moves to go this summer. :)

Along the way I got a picture of the Mobile, AL skyline.

The battleship USS Alabama is docked in Mobile and is a popular tourist attraction.

We went through a tunnel under Mobile Bay. When Jim first enters a tunnel it looks like the RV will never fit. It always gives me a little shudder.

This area coming into Mississippi looks like the Everglades.


Some of you might be interested to know that our new car that we bought in February (2013 Toyota RAV4 Limited) is getting between 35-36 mpg on our trips. That's about 3 mpg better than our previous RAV4. We sure like that!

We arrived at Shields RV Park at the Navy Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) in Gulfport around 2:00. (We gained an hour by crossing into the central time zone.) For the second stop in a row we have the same site that we had when we stayed here two years ago. That's quite a coincidence! This park is perfect for our short three-night stay.

Our site

A couple views of the park.


The base perimeter fence is at the end of this road.

Today was supposed to be very rainy, but it turned out gray and cool, with just an occasional shower. I contacted Donell to see if we could meet up. We saw Donell when we were here two years ago, and I've kept in touch with her on Facebook. She came from 30 minutes away for a visit. I met her outside the base and brought her in to the park where we had a very nice time catching up. After a while we were getting hungry so we went to a local DQ where Donell treated us to lunch.

Thanks for visiting us Donell, and thanks for lunch!

The rest of the afternoon we waited out a rain delay at the NASCAR race in Texas. While waiting for the race to start I baked a cake, which helped take the chill out of the RV without using the heat or fireplace. It also smells good. Smile

For anyone who has followed Tioga George through the years, he's resumed his public blog. You can read it here.

Tomorrow we're going to nearby Keesler AFB. It's been awhile since we've been to a commissary, and they have a bigger one at Keesler than here at NCBC.

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Laurel Owen said...

Glad you're making your way west safely. Nice bonus that the new RAV gets even better mileage.