Friday, April 11, 2014

Arrived in Texas

(Dickinson, TX) Hi 70  Lo 59 -- Thursday was another bright sunny day, perfect to hitch up and make our move to Texas. The traffic was heavy along I-10, but the trip was smooth. (Smoother than the road anyway, there are some rough stretches along I-10.)

It wasn’t long after crossing the Texas border when we started to see oil refineries.


We arrived at the Galveston Bay RV Resort and Marina, which is in Dickinson, TX, about halfway between Houston and Galveston.

Our site

We were lucky to get a reservation at this park, it's very popular. In fact, we had to move to another site today (Friday) in order to get to stay our full five nights. We stayed hitched up last night and made the move two rows over this morning.

The view out our back window. You can sort of see the water between the two RV's.

The office, laundry and bath house.

Some views of the water. The park is on a lagoon just off Galveston Bay.IMG_3144






We took a walk around the park after dinner, then watched some TV. It was very windy, and since we had to move this morning Jim didn't set up the satellite dish last night. But that's ok, we got plenty of local channels on our antenna.

Today, after moving to our new site and getting set up we drove to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to visit Carol, one of my chat room friends who we haven't met yet. She's currently recovering from cancer surgery, and is doing well. It was so nice to get to meet her.

Everyone who's been to the Houston area talks about the traffic. We can verify that's it's pretty bad! And we went at 11am... not even rush hour!

We noticed that Reliant Stadium was only a couple of miles from the hospital, so on the way home we took a short detour to check it out.

Reliant Stadium is the home of the Houston Texans NFL team. Those long things sticking out on each side are the mechanism to retract the roof. Right next door is the old Astrodome.

The Astrodome is the first domed stadium, built in 1960 for the Houston Astros baseball team. And it was the birthplace of "Astroturf," the first artificial grass. The Astros now play in a modern new ballpark downtown. We were told that the Texas legislature voted to keep the Astrodome and convert it into some kind of entertainment/events center. Not sure of the details, but it's nice to see this historical place survive.

Here's a shot of both stadiums.

We're now waiting for Jim's brother Johnny to come over. He lives in North Carolina, but is on a long-term work project here in the Houston area. We'll tell about our visit in tomorrow's post. See you then!


Dizzy-Dick said...

I have stayed at Galveston State Park a few times. It is not that far from where we live in Cut & Shoot, TX. Enjoy your stay.

Laurel Owen said...

We got to see the Texans play several years ago with George's brother. Cool stadium!

Jim and Sandie said...

Houston and traffic sure seem to go together. Great park you're in. Enjoy.

Gail Houle said...

We lived in Houston in the 80's and saw many an Astros game in the astrodome. Brought back memories :)

Judy Maddox said...

Enjoy visiting with Jim's brother!

Jim and Judy said...

That looks like a nice park to hangout at for a few days.

Carol said...

Thanks for visiting! And thanks for not requiring pics in the hospital! Hugs... Almost feeling up to those.