Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Down Day - Casino RV Resort

(Kinder, LA) Hi 62  Lo 48 -- Yesterday we departed at our normal 10am start time and had a smooth trip to Kinder, LA. We had a few little rain showers but nothing hard. There’s a stretch of road on I-10 that’s quite rough, so we were beat by the time we got to the Coushatta Casino RV Resort.

The casino complex is 23 miles north of I-10, but it was worth the extra miles to stay in this very nice park.

Our site

Nice wide pull-thru sites


There’s rows and rows of small chalets around the park.

The RV park is on the other side of a lake from the casino.

Casino area


The park is quite a bargain at $20 per night. We got a Good Sam's discount, lowering our nightly charge to $18.

We had dinner last night at the casino's buffet. It was very good and we got stuffed! It was very smoky inside the casino so we didn’t stay to gamble. We’ll save our play money till we get to Las Vegas.

It was very windy, and when we returned to the park we saw our satellite dish lying on the ground. The whole tripod blew over in the wind. This is the second time the dish has blown down since we got it, and thankfully it hasn't been damaged. It's built pretty tough. Jim waited until today to re-aim it, so we watched TV on the park's cable system last evening. The wind died down later in the evening so we had a quiet night for sleeping.

Today we just relaxed. I’m catching up on blog reading and Jim is getting some more parks lined up. We did a nice walk around the park. It’s been awhile since we’ve both walked. We’re too far out from any movie theaters so we stayed around the RV park. Jim got out the grill and cooked some chicken (for me) and a steak.

Tomorrow we move to the Houston area to visit Jim’s brother. It will be nice to see him, it's been awhile. See you in two days.


Judy Maddox said...

$18.00 well spent and if you hit the jackpot.... Enjoy your stay.

Judy Maddox said...
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Jim and Sandie said...

I wish casino's would go smoke free but I know that's not going to happen. At least in Las Vegas most of the casinos have a really good air cleaning system. Nice park especially for $18. Travel safe.

Phyllis said...

Wondering if they still have the special pricing for seniors on Tuesday. Also, thinking it is just lunch.

We have a dome "carry out" satellite system. Amazed in all the winds we've been in that it's never blown over.

Step-daughter and family lives in Houston area. Hate the traffic around Houston - be careful!

Laurel Owen said...

Bookmarking that park, looks like a gem! Travel safe to Houston. George's brother lives just north of Houston in Cypress. Busy city!

Ruth said...

Do you ever go to guest services to see if they have any special promotions for new members? They often give you "free" bonus money to play with. We do that at all the casinos. When we were in Las Vegas we never spent any of our own money to gamble with and ended up coming out ahead of the game.