Monday, December 9, 2013

Park Model and Visiting with Friends

(Avon Park, FL) Hi  84  Lo 63 -- I’m back to playing shuffleboard, which is my favorite activity here in the park. Jim is walking 3-4 miles almost every day, and life is good with daytime temperatures in the 80’s. We are thinking ahead a bit on what the future may hold for us. We like this park and we’re making a lot of friends, so we're starting to look at some of the park models that are for sale in the park to get an idea of the different floor plans and decor. But this is ONLY for planning purposes... we have no plans to settle down yet.

Here's one model that we both like. New units come with a carport like you see in this photo. But most people replace it with an enclosed room, which doubles the living space.

2013-12-03 site 302 park model we like (7)

Looking from the kitchen through to the living room.
2013-12-03 site 302 park model we like (6)

2013-12-03 site 302 park model we like (3)

2013-12-03 site 302 park model we like (4)

This is a model of the Chariot line of park models, which are built in Ocala, FL. They're very nice, but I don't know what we'd do with all that room! :)

We've been busy with our annual doctor appointments. They're all preventative except for my foot that's been causing me problems. I have osteoarthritis in that foot, and I got a cortisone shot and ordered a custom orthotic insole which will be in in about a month. I'll give an update on how all this works out. It sure has put a hamper on my walking any distances this year. I'm hoping to walk a little for exercise but not the miles I've done in the past.

On Sunday we met with Rick and Gail for lunch in Lake Placid, about 40 minutes away. We met them in North Carolina long before we went full time. We took Jim and Judy with us so they could meet them too.

Judy and Jim

Rick and Gail

Rick and Gail, Jim and Dee, Jim and Judy

We had a great time visiting, then with hugs and goodbyes they left to return to their park near Lake Okeechobee and we returned to Adelaide Shores. On the way home we stopped at a couple other RV parks, just to check them out.

We didn't do much on Monday.  Jim had a toothache and waited in the dentist office for a few hours and I talked with some people in the park.  Most of time we play shuffleboard in the afternoons and cards with the group in the evening. It's a great lifestyle keeping our lives simple and relaxing.


Donna W. said...

sounds like you are very content in your life, that is so great. p.s. tell Jim next he is next to a tiny lady like Gail to take a step back, he towers over her :-)

Gypsy said...

I hope you can get relief for your foot. It would be a real change from a 5th wheel to a park model, but you would soon fill the space.

Myrddin said...

Be careful when "just looking". The first thing you know, you'll be buying one!!! ;-)

Jim and Linda

Janice L Evans said...

uh oh. . .I'm pretty sure Jeannie and Eldo (WheresEldo blog) were only looking. . .and they ended up buying a house. . .LOL! Be careful. . .

Just kidding. . .we discuss, and contemplate future plans also. . .just haven't started looking yet! :)

Laurie and George said...

So cool that there are so many 'dreamers' here in Florida to meet up with :-)

Gail Houle said...

Haha! I think Donna is the first person to ever call me tiny! Bless her :)
Shorter though, yes :)
Had a great time Sunday! Glad we were able to make that work. I'm ready to go back for that steak! :) Next time!

Bob and Jo said...

Know what you are talking about, we just walked thru a Cedar Creek destination trailer which lookee like a nice alternative to a park model.