Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Passing the Day - The World Series

(Havelock, NC) Hi 71 Lo 58 -- It was rainy and cloudy till about noon, then it cleared up but turned windy.

We didn't have anything planned except to fuel up the truck and get a few items at Walmart. We spent about an hour doing that this afternoon. Those that know me know that I need to be busy or I start to get antsy. So I went for a walk around the RV park road and ended up at the park office and sat with Lori the park manager for about an hour. Then I walked over to Jim and Judy's. My Jim came and joined us and we talked for awhile.

After a few stories and some laughs we came back to the RV, had dinner and waited for the World Series game to start. Jim's excited about watching his St. Louis Cardinals take on the Boston Red Sox.

It was one of those days with not much going on. Stay tuned, we have a big day planned tomorrow.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Relax is not a word that exists in some folks' world. I happen to be an expert at it. Not being a baseball fan I don't really care who wins. But sorry about your Cardinals loss.