Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ft. Meade Famcamp

(Ft. Meade, MD) Hi  72  Lo  46 -- It’s our last day here in Maryland. Tomorrow we’re headed to Raleigh, NC, where we started our full time journey almost four years ago. We both have appointments for eye exams and we’ll be visiting with our friends for a couple weeks.

We’ve noticed few few stink bugs hanging around our RV the last couple days. Two years ago in Pennsylvania we had an infestation of stink bugs and it took over a year to finally get rid of them all. Hopefully we won’t have any hitchhikers and take them to Florida with us again this year.

We didn’t plan anything today. Jim did the laundry and I went for some last minute groceries. I walked around and took some pictures of the park, and we secured some things for our move. We have a very long day (for us) tomorrow, so we plan to start out earlier than usual. We have no satellite here so we couldn’t watch the race. Jim watched some football on the regular networks and he's looking forward to getting relocated tomorrow so he can watch his St. Louis Cardinals in the baseball playoffs.

Here’s some views of the military famcamp here at Ft. Meade. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)
2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (1)

Our site. In the background is the clump of trees that's keeping us from getting satellite TV.
2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (20)

There are some cabins scattered around the park.
2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (14)

Two bath houses
2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (8)

This one has the laundry room.
2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (16)

Street views.
2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (3)

2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (5)

2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (18)

2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (19)

We like the red white and blue paint job on this Allegro Bus.
2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (9)

2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (17)

I was coming back from getting groceries and these guys went right in front of me.
2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (23)

2013-09-23 Ft Meade MD (24)

We’ll see you tomorrow from the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.


Jim and Sandie said...

Jim sat out in the truck and listened to the race on XM radio. Have safe travels tomorrow. Going to meet up with old friends is always fun.

Donna W. said...

nice camp

owensontheroad said...

Ditto on the stink bugs. We were still finding them in the rig 6 months after leaving PA. Now we've caught a few here already!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Nice looking famcamp. Will have to stop if we get into that area.