Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wrapping up Our Stay in Maine

 (Holden, ME) Hi 83 Lo 65 -- It’s our last day in Maine, but hopefully we’ll be back someday. It joins Colorado Springs as places we'd like to return to. I can't say exactly why I like it here, but I do (only during the summer though).

We had a wonderful time visiting Acadia National park. As you know by now I love lobster. It’s quite a treat on my birthday each year for Jim to take me out for a lobster dinner (usually at Red Lobster). I was looking forward to getting a lobster in Maine. I had several during the last week, and last night was the last one, a special two-for-one deal.
2013-08-27 two for one lobster

I'm kind of glad Jim isn't real fond of lobster. We wouldn't have been able to afford both of us eating lobster several times in one week. :)

The last two days we drove five hours to Riverview, New Brunswick to visit with Rick and Elaine and see the Bay of Fundy tides at Hopewell Rocks. I’ve seen pictures on TV and read about them, plus heard or read blogs of other RV’ers that it was a must see. It was everything we expected and more, one of those “I wish you were here” type places. We had some pictures on last night's blog, and I added a photo album on Photobucket at this link.

I walked around the campground for some photos. I try to do that on our last full day at each location. It gives us a way to remember the park, and lets our readers know what it looks like in case they're interested in visiting the area.








We enjoyed our stay here, but it’s time to move on to other adventures. Jim was going to grill out, but a storm moved in and it’s raining. He’ll do it another night.


Jim and Judy said...

Eating a lobster at Red Lobster is not going to be the same.

Gypsy said...

Glad you got to eat Maine lobster more than once. I haven't had it in so many years I might actually like it by this time. Maine is a place I hope I can get to next year.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Back in 1959 my uncle took me on a trip with his family. They had an Airstream trailer and we attended a Wally Byam Caravan Club rally at Colorado Springs. I had a wonderful time and will always remember that trip.

Donna W. said...

when I think of Maine I aways think 'quaint'. lobster not my thing, but would agree red lobster probabl wont taste the same to you.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Glad you left Maine. Now there'll be some lobsters left for the rest of us! :cD