Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trip to Delaware

(Dover AFB, DE) Hi 96 Lo 74 -- We took our time preparing to leave this morning for our 110-mile trip to Dover, Delaware. It's a new state for Tumbleweed.

The traffic wasn’t real bad and we arrived at to Dover Air Force Base in about 2 1/2 hours.

We're staying at the Dover AFB famcamp. We always feel at home on a military base, and we also have a feeling of security and safety. This famcamp is tucked on the back side of the base next to the runway (like most of the famcamps on Air Force bases). We can see a long way, so weather coming in won’t sneak up on us. I’m in heaven. All we need is a running brook or lake to make it perfect.

Our site.

We've already watched several planes land and take off, mostly C-5's and C-17's. They're not nearly as noisy as fighter jets, and we barely hear them.

Here's what's around us. (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)





There's only 10 sites in the park, and we're one of three RV's currently here. It's seldom full, which is very unusual for a military RV park. After setting up we drove across base to the MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) Office to sign in and pay our $18 per day. On the way back we stopped at the commissary for a few groceries. After our showers and some dinner we chilled the rest of the evening. It’s really hot, so we have both air conditioners going.

When I called my mom and sis to tell them we got here ok they told me mom is moving to a retirement home tomorrow. It's a private home with only 30  residents. It's in a private home that's been converted to an elderly care home, and they had space for one more person. It's only a half hour from my sister's. That's great news and we're all very excited!

Tomorrow we're taking a drive around the area. Rehoboth Beach is only about 40 minutes away, so we may drive there and stick our toes in the sand.


Sassy said...

Mike was stationed there in 70/71! He'd like to go back and visit, one of these days we'll get there! Soon as this lawsuit for the accident is over. Have a grate time!

Gypsy said...

It sounds like you practically have the place to yourself! I think C-17's are so graceful in the air considering their size. Enjoy the beach. I've never been to Rehobeth that I can remember, although I've been to beaches in MD.

Gypsy said...

Forgot to mention good luck to your mom in getting settled in, and I hope she enjoys her new place.

Speedy said...

We have a connections! Come to Colorado...