Friday, July 19, 2013

The Best Laid Plans...

(Dover, DE) Hi 96 Lo 78 -- We closed up the RV, pulled down all the shades to keep it cooler, and headed to Rehoboth Beach. It's a beach boardwalk town where everyone in this area goes to beat the heat on the Atlantic coast. It's about 40 or so miles away and pretty much a straight shot down Delaware Rte. 1. When we got to the town of Lewes, about five miles from our destination, the traffic came to a slow crawl.

It was around noon by this time, and after moving about a half mile in 30 minutes we did the math and decided it wasn't worth it. It's not like we've never seen a beach before. :)  So we turned around and headed back. Later we looked up a satellite view of Rehoboth Beach on Google Maps and saw what we would have been in for. (Click on the photo to make it larger.)

Even if we made it to the beach I'm not sure we would have found anywhere to park. :(

As we headed back we spotted a restaurant called Crabby Dicks and stopped for lunch.

I had a flounder sandwich and Jim had a French Dip sandwich. For an appetizer we had "crab balls." They were bite size balls of lightly breaded crabmeat, and boy were they good! We were very pleased.

When we got back to Dover we went to the north end of town to check out Dover Downs. It was once a horse track, but has since been converted to a one-mile NASCAR track.

We spotted an open gate, so of course we had to explore a bit. This grandstand spans the backstretch of the race track and offers some lucky spectators a unique view of the action.

The grandstands are huge!

Looking across from the turn three area to the frontstretch.

Looking over at turn four.


There is a large casino and hotel complex behind the back stretch. It's a very popular place judging by the very full parking lots.


Whenever we're in a state's capital city we always try to get a look at the Capitol building. Although Delaware was the first state admitted to the Union, it has the newest Capitol building. It was built in the 1930's. It seemed strange not to see a larger dome dominating the building.

After resting and cooling off at home for awhile we decided to have dinner with the troops. Some military bases allow military retirees to eat at the military dining facilities (chow halls). We had a wonderful full course meal for about $6 apiece. What a deal! The only issue we had was, I had on a sleeveless blouse, and we found out "the wearing of any shirt showing the armpits is prohibited in the dining hall." So I went out to the car and brought in the jacket I keep in the back and covered my shoulders. I was really warm, but I made it through dinner. Whew Smile

We went back home for our regular evening of relaxing. Hopefully this heat wave will come to an end this weekend.


Jim and Sandie said...

When we lived back east we gave up trying to go to the beach in the summer. Just wasn't worth it. We haven't been to Dover since 1987 when we went to a race up there.

Gypsy said...

You made a wise decision to not keep going to the beach. I often used to eat Sunday brunch at the "O" Club at Ft. Myers or Ft. Belvoir, and I sort of like the more formal atmosphere for a change. Glad you had a jacket along with you.

Jim and Judy said...

It looked HOT. It is hot here also.