Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Time

(Edwardsville, IL) 68 lo 61 – We went to Sunday School and church with the family then grabbed the grandkids and kidnapped them for the day. We headed to the base for a few goodies for the boys to eat, and ate lunch at Taco Bell while we were there. We dropped everything at the RV then headed to Edwardsville to see the movie “Now you See Me.”  We all loved it and the theater was packed. It’s well worth seeing.

After the movie was over we headed to Culver’s for dinner and some ice cream. For those that have been following the blog, Culver’s is our favorite fast food place, but we’ve been limiting our visits so we don’t get burned out. I’m so glad to be back in Culver territory.

We then went back to the RV and played an hour or so outside with the boys. We played baseball, football, and kick ball. The kids are great, when Jim and I get too tired they take turns running for us. It saves my knees. We were all tuckered out so we came in, got showers, and played Clue and watched a couple of DVD movies.

Jim, Kyle and Kendall

Kendall and Jim

Kyle found a tree to climb. Oh, to be young again!

We’re having the boys sleep over again tonight. I’m sure all the outside activity tuckered them out and they'll sleep good tonight. (I know WE will!) We have to get them up early tomorrow morning to get Kendall to basketball camp by 8:30 and Kyle to soccer camp by 9:00. What a joy having them with us!


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I had heard people mention Culvers, then lo and behold a couple of free Culver hamburger coupons arrived in my mailbox.

They have opened a Culvers near the Walmart in Conroe, so Jay and I went there. If you like hamburgers, they are good, and the staff was all very pleasant and friendly.

I just couldn't get enthusiastic about eating factory-farmed beef, and that is the only reason I will probably not go back.

Happy Trails, Penny.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

oh wow, my two favorites things as a kid, climbing trees and baseball. life doesnt get any better than that. used to pass culvers every day on my way home from work, as I passed I would say Hi Dee