Friday, May 10, 2013

So Good To Be Back With Family

(Edwardsville, IL)  Hi 68 Lo 55 – Today we relaxed all morning around the rig, then ran a couple of errands in Edwardsville. We did some banking at the military credit union that we’ve belonged to for over 20 years, and made a grocery run at Walmart. Finally it was time to drive 18 miles to O’Fallon to spend the evening with our son Frank, his lovely wife Angie and our two precious (and growing) grandsons, Kendall and Kyle. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)
IMG_1055 (Small)

We had pizza for dinner, then sat out on the back porch where the adults talked…
IMG_1059 (Small)

… and the kids played. The little girl below is one of Angie’s daycare kids. Angie runs a daycare business from her home.
IMG_1051 (Small)

Frank and the family dog Banjo. Jim is playing football with the kids in the background.
IMG_1053 (Small)

Kendall showing us some of his sports card collection.
IMG_1057 (Small)

After dinner Frank started a campfire in a portable fire pit and we made smores. Boy, were they good! There were bats flying around us, so we had no trouble with bugs.

It was a wonderful evening, and it was great to be back with the family. We’re looking forward to more good times over the next few weeks.

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Gypsy said...

It sounds like a wonderful time, and it's always so good to reconnect with grandkids.