Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last Day in Clarksville

(Clarksville, TN) Hi 62 Lo 48 -- Rainy and cloudy with a quick peak of the sun in the afternoon. We didn't do much today. I got caught up on all the blogs read, learning where people are and where they're going. There's still snow and lots of rain and storms to the north of us.

All morning I watched a Robin pick up little sticks to build a nest in the tree next to us, but I never did find where she's building the nest. It's high up and I have no idea how she does it. Just another one of the mysteries of life.

We watched a lot of TV, and between the NASCAR race and the baseball game we didn't move much. I did some crocheting and should have my little leg warmer afghan done this week. I talked to the kids, sis and mom, so we have plans laid out for when we get to the St. Louis area next weekend.

I started playing Angry Birds Friends. It's like regular Angry Birds, except you can play it online with friends. (I haven't played with anyone live yet.) I also still play quite a few other games. That's another way of passing time. Jim passes his time reading books on his Kindle. I did a quick walk in between rain showers, but I'm not walking near as much as I did in Florida. Maybe when we get to the kids' I'll have less rain to contend with and do more walking.

Tomorrow we're moving to Marion, Illinois. I hope we don't have rain tomorrow morning for our hitch up. This was a good place to stay and if it wasn't for the noise from the highway, it would even be better.

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owensontheroad said...

Safe travels! We're finally moving on too. Can't wait to spend a week in lovely.