Sunday, April 21, 2013

Typical Sunday

(Hoover, AL) Hi 75 Lo 40 -- Our power went out again at 4:00 am this morning. We know when it goes out because we use a noise machine and it gets very quiet when it goes out. It came back on within a few minutes. Jim couldn't get back to sleep so he got up about an hour later. I got up much later. It didn't go off the rest of the day. Jim talked to our neighbor and he said his power went off for a short time while he was out a few days ago (his microwave clock was flashing). So it sounds like it's the pedestal and not a problem in our coach.

We didn't do much today, a typical  Sunday with the NASCAR race and reading. I also worked on the afghan.

I watched a car in the parking lot going back and forth real slow then realized it was a very young driver with his dad, learning to drive. They were out there a couple hours. He was learning to park in the lines. That brought back memories of Jim teaching our boys how to drive (in a stick shift, no less). Now our grandson will be taking drivers ed this year. Sigh!

I called mom and sis, both are doing quite well. We're getting plans made for when we get there.

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