Thursday, April 25, 2013

On to Huntsville – Meeting More Friends

(Huntsville, AL) Hi 67 Lo 44 – We didn’t have to hurry this morning leaving Hoover, AL, so we casually got things packed up and were on the way at 11:00. It was sunny, not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was around 60. The trip was fine till we were about half way to Huntsville on I-65 when the traffic stopped. We sat about 20–25 about a half hour before we moved again. I checked Google Maps on my smartphone and the traffic feature showed the road in red for about a mile from our point, which means heavy traffic. It's a nice feature and I love it. It's very handy especially in a big city to tell you what routes to avoid. When we finally got underway there was a huge wrecker working with a semi truck. No wreck, but the truck must have stopped in the center of the road and had to be pulled off.

We got to Redstone Arsenal about 2:00 and had no problems getting set up. We still have the electric problem with the one side of the RV losing ac power. Jim called a nearby RV dealer, Madison RV, and they are able to get us in at 8:00 tomorrow morning. How lucky is that? We're glad we made the appointment as the problem got worse through the afternoon. It now goes off at random, not just when we switch the water heater to electric. We’ll need to get up before 7:00 tomorrow morning, but hitching up will be real quick. We'll just disconnect the water hose and satellite cable and leave them at the site.

Redstone Arsenal is an army facility for research and storage of rockets and missiles. We’re right next door to the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center. You can see the giant Saturn V display from the highway as we exited to the base gate.
2013-04-25 redstone arsenal huntsville AL (3)

Our site has a huge concrete pad, big enough for a picnic table and both of our vehicles
2013-04-25 redstone arsenal huntsville AL (5)

The laundry and bath house is right in front of us.
2013-04-25 redstone arsenal huntsville AL (6)

Some views around us.
2013-04-25 redstone arsenal huntsville AL (7)

2013-04-25 redstone arsenal huntsville AL (8)

2013-04-25 redstone arsenal huntsville AL (9)

2013-04-25 redstone arsenal huntsville AL (10)

We were looking forward to meeting James and Susan, long time RV-Dreams  chatroom friends from 2006. We’ve kept in touch and drove in from Scottsboro, AL to meet us.

We went to a local restaurant (West End Grill) for dinner and enjoyed a wonderful couple of hours of conversation. James and Susan, thank you so much for coming over, it was a pleasure meeting you.

On the way home we saw the full moon coming up over the horizon. It’s huge and very pretty over the RV park.

Another safe trip, and another different view out our back window.

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Rod Ivers said...

Sounds like one side of your master breaker was hot for some reason and now its weak and can't carry a load... Changing out the breaker isn't a very big job.. Hope they get it straightened out for you...