Thursday, April 18, 2013

FDR’s Little White House – and “Hello Cuz!”

(Fortson, GA) Hi 83  Lo 62 –  We said our goodbye's to Judy and Jim as they left for their home today. We got to play tourist for our last day here. Warm Springs is only about 30 miles from our campground, which is where Franklin D. Roosevelt visited many times during his presidency to relax in the natural warm spring waters. The springs had a therapeutic effect on his polio. The house he bought and lived in while there, the Little White House, is a Georgia State Historical Site and is open to the public.

Before seeing the Little White House we toured the adjoining museum. We watched a short film, and then wandered around the many exhibits about FDR’s connection with Warm Springs.

Here’s Dee checking out some of the exhibits.

There was a couple of FDR’s cars on display, including this 1938 Ford. It was fitted with special equipment that allowed FDR to drive it around the local back roads.

The museum is separated from the Little White House by a garden area with pretty walkways, including this Avenue of the States. Each state is represented with a state flag and a plaque made of the state stone.

The Little White House is very modest in size, and by that I mean it’s small. But FDR liked it that way. He enjoyed getting away from the hustle, bustle and pomp of Washington.

Everything in the house is exactly as it was when FDR died, and all of the furnishings are original. On April 12, 1945 FDR was sitting for a portrait painting when he had a massive stroke. He was sitting in this chair at the time.

He was taken to his bedroom and administered to by doctors for several hours, but they weren’t able to save him. He died that afternoon in this bed.

The painting, titled “Unfinished Portrait,” hangs in an adjoining Heritage Hall.

I really enjoy history, especially presidential history, so I had a very enjoyable time. When we were planning our travels I had it on my radar to go see this wonderful place, and we almost forgot about it this week. I happened to remember it yesterday, and I’m glad I did.

Our friends Jim and Judy told us not to miss the lunch buffet at Bulloch House in Warm Springs. We took their advice and we’re glad we did. The food was wonderful, as was the atmosphere. It was a great way to end our trip before heading home. (Sorry, I didn't think to take a picture of the building.)

When we got home I did the laundry at the park laundry room, then we waited for our special visitors to arrive. My cousin Lisa lives about 40 minutes away in LaGrange, GA. She and her husband Roger drove down for a short visit. I haven’t seen Lisa in years so it was a special evening. We had fun catching up on our lives and reminiscing about our childhoods in North Carolina, while munching on KFC chicken. Roger is a great guy and we had a lot of laughs. Thanks for coming down guys.

Lisa and Roger. I'll see you on facebook, Cuz.

What a way to spend our last day in this wonderful part of Georgia. Tomorrow we’re moving out and heading to Birmingham, Alabama. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I hope it holds off long enough for us to hitch up and get on the road. I don’t mind it raining while we’re underway. Maybe it’ll wash all the tree crud off our roof. Trees!


Big EZ Travels said...

I am always moved by people taking the time to connect with relatives and friends that they have not seen in awhile. Sounds like you had a great day visiting the museum and seeing your long lost cousin and her husband.

Jim and Judy said...

Judy and I were so glad you stopped by, looking forward to seeing ya'll in FL.

Donna W. said...

not a history buff like Sam, but really enjoyed the lesson on FDR. Did not know he was not in DC when he died. Give Dee a hug for me.