Saturday, March 2, 2013

Windy Day

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 57 Lo 47 -- Today was very cool and windy. We were woken up this morning by our awning rattling in the wind. We didn't want to take any chances to we brought the awning in for the day.

It's now March so I worked on our budget for most of the morning. I decided to get the software program Quicken to. I like to know where our money is going so I'm constantly switching between our spreadsheets and our online bank information. I love doing it, but the last few months it seems to be getting more involved. Maybe the software will make it easier. Jim ordered it this morning from Amazon. We're still doing what we always do, too much money being spent on food, either groceries or eating out.

Kathleen and I walked, but we didn't walk far due to the cold wind. It was nice to get back to the nice warm RV. (We ran our fireplace most of the morning.) Jim braved the cold and walked for 45 minutes.

We went with Kathleen and Jon to a neighbor's church a few miles down the road for a spaghetti dinner. They fed well over 500 people in a three-hour period, and they were very organized. For $7.00 we got spaghetti (all you can eat), a tossed salad, roll, and a choice of three different pies for dessert. It was great! Even Jim got filled up. :)

We came back home and settled in for the evening.


Kevin Read said...
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Kevin Read said...

Chilly today here in Oaxaca City, Mexico too! High of 64 and low of 34! Of course we're at 5,000 ft altitude, but still! Supposed to warm up though...back to 86 by Monday!

Bill Joyce said...

Been using Quicken for at least 5 years since they stop making Microsoft Money. The newest version can be set up to share information, securely, with your smartphone or tablet. Quicken is the fourth home finance program I have used in over 25 years and each one required some getting used to, so be patient with yourself and the program. Sometimes a bank or credit card download won't work for a couple days but will fix itself. I recommend being consistent on naming payees, I just cleaned up "Amazon" and "Amazon.Com" into "" to make it easier to see how much I spend there.