Friday, March 22, 2013

We Had a Waxing Party, But No One Came

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 74 Lo 43 -- It was a very cold morning but again it warmed up  nicely by late morning. Once the sun comes up it doesn't take long for the temperature to climb.

I had a quick chiropractor appointment this morning. Every thing is coming along fine. I'll have one more appointment and that should do it for awhile. My chiropractor has a list of colleagues all over the country who practice the same method of treatment, so if I need an adjustment in our travels all I'll need to do is call his the office to find out where I can get treatment nearby.

I went to the clubhouse to play some Mexican train but they were having a Red Hat tea, so no dominoes today. I decided to go for my walk and saw there's a lot more people packing cars to leave tomorrow.

When I got back Jim was ready to some more waxing on the RV. Last night at the card game we told everyone we were having a wax party. Can't understand why no one showed up. :) We got both sides all done except the areas above and below the slides. We'll bring in the slides and get that another day. We're almost done with it. It sure is shiny!

We went to play cards again tonight. It's a great time with friends in the park.


Nan said...

When you finish your rig, would you come help us....We will even serve refreshments!

Life Is Good said...

You can come do ours too, lol

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Too bad everyone missed out on the waxing party...their loss! ;c)