Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tumbleweed Gets a Bath

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 73 Lo 47 -- The sun was warm and the breeze was cool, so it was a perfect day to wash the RV.
2013-03-09 view on top of RV (2)

While Jim was up on the roof he took some pictures of our park, from a different viewpoint.
2013-03-09 view on top of RV (5)

2013-03-09 view on top of RV (4)

2013-03-09 view on top of RV (7)

2013-03-09 view on top of RV (8)

The noisy truck repair place behind us.

We moved the slides in to make it easier to wash the sides, so we know they still work. Jim also ran the rear levelers up and re-balanced the rig to make sure the Bigfoot system is in working order. It doesn't hurt to test some of the systems before we head north next month. After we finished and cleaned up we went inside in the air conditioning to have lunch and relax for awhile.

The Quicken budgeting software I ordered online came in today so I downloaded it onto my laptop. They’ve made some great improvements since I used it last. I played around with it enough to know I’m going to like it.

We watched the Nationwide race, and it ended just in time for the start of the Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. Quite a busy day.


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Nice park! Lots of space between sites for Florida! No wonder you like it there.

Rod Ivers said...

Ya, like Sandra said nice yards!

Jon & Kathleen said...

I keep telling you, do not tell people of this paradise. Than the word will get out and everyone will want to be here.
Ha, Ha,

Jim and Judy said...

I wish we were in that nice empty site beside ya'l! The aeriel pic of the park are neat. The top of Tumbleweed looks spotless.

Karen and Al said...

It looks like a nice park with some empty spaces and lots of room between sites.

I used to use Mint for budgeting until it no longer was supported by Bank of America. I liked the fact that it took every debit card purchase we made and added it to the category we chose. I didn't have to save receipts.

Does the Quicken program do that, or do you have to keep track of all your spending and download it to Quicken? I need something!!

Jack said...

Nice park. I like the looks of least from your pictures...