Friday, February 15, 2013

Busy Day

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 68 Lo 56 -- All the rain is out of the area this morning. I wanted to play shuffleboard, and also wanted to go to Happy Hookers to pick up some patterns and see what was new with the group. So I gave up the shuffleboard for today.

We left early to go to lunch with Hank and Selene to The Depot, the small restaurant in downtown Avon Park that was closed when we tried to eat there with Judy and Jim a couple weeks ago. The Depot is as good as everyone said. They have a small menu and some daily specials, and they're open only until 2:00 daily. Very good food, so now we have another entry on our list of places to eat.

We got home just in time to play dominos at the clubhouse. Selene and Hank went with me for a couple hours of playing. It seems every time I go there's someone new playing, so more names to remember.

When we were done playing with dominos Hank and I wanted to play pool, but they're setting up the clubhouse for a flea market and bake sale tomorrow, so I called Jim and the four of us played some shuffleboard. We played a couple of games then it was time to go to dinner. We all went to Jacaranda for their seafood buffet. It wasn't as packed as last night, but the food was great as usual. We really like that place. We stopped on the way back to play cards with Kathleen and Jon at their place. We wanted Hank and Selene to meet and get to know Kathleen and Jon. We played till 9pm, then we came home and I went into the chat room while Jim caught up on news.

Our son and daughter in law are on their way to Africa on a church mission. They're posting an online blog while they're gone and you can read their latest entry here.

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