Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beautiful Day

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 75 Lo 59 -- This morning was on the cool side, but it warmed up before I was done playing shuffleboard.  With guidance from some of the pro players I'm finally getting better. I guess it's about time.

After shuffleboard Jim and I went straight to our church for a Bible study group that meets for lunch and a round table discussion with the pastor. It was great hearing all the comments from people with a lot more experience in the Christian life than us. On the way home we stopped at Maxwell's Grove for orange juice and some ice cream.

The rest of the afternoon was walking, crocheting, watching TV and chatting. Our time here in Florida are starting to wind down. We need to start working on our list of things that need done before going back on the road. We learned there's several seasonal couples who are buying park models here in the park and will be staying year round. People ask what we're going to do when we can't travel anymore. It's looking more likely that we'll be staying right here in this park, either in a park model or our home on wheels if it holds together that long. But that's hopefully FAR in the future.

Our son and daughter in law are home from their church mission to Africa. Click here if you'd like to read their final blog post. We're so proud of them!


Jim and Judy said...

Wish I had some Maxwell's OJ -(. Low 32 high 53.

Speedy said...

Sherri worries about down the road too. I am going as long as I can then I guess someone will drop me off at the Veteran's wait to die home.