Monday, February 25, 2013

A Typical Monday

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 85 Lo 65 -- I just about didn't get up in time to go to shuffleboard. It's been a week since I've played, so I hurried my morning routine to get there.

It was humid today, but a very nice breeze. A nice day to be out. I want to thank all of you who have read regularly while we're here. It's hard to keep the blog interesting while we're in one place for months. Things will pick up in March, as we plan to get out and about more.

I crocheted today, still working on the American flag afghan. I found out the stars I've been making all day yesterday and most of today are too big and won't fit on the blue field, so I'm ditching the idea of giving the completed afghan to Project Linus. I'll work on something else for them. I have seven weeks to get something made before we leave. I started another computer game and got hooked on it. It sure is nice to pass the time with lots of things to do.

Our son wrapped up his mission trip to Africa over the weekend. He got to go on a safari on Saturday and Sunday and is on his way home today. You can read about it and see the wonderful photos he took at the links below.

Saturday Blog and Sunday Blog.

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owensontheroad said...

Yeah, I didn't win a prize for consistent blogging while workamping here in CA. Not much to say, but you risk losing readers I guess. Oh well..May we'll be setting sail and have more to write about :)