Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Neighbors Move Out

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 82 Lo 59 -- We got up early to see Jim and Judy off today. It's so sad to see someone leave that you've become close to. The only thing that made is a little more bearable is we'll see them again in April at Blanton Creek State Park, GA, where they'll be workamping this spring. We plan to stop there for a week or so on our way north. Thanks for the good times Jim and Judy, we'll see you soon. Safe travels!

Jim, Judy and my Jim

Getting ready to move out.




We miss them already. :(

I paced the floor for awhile then went to play shuffleboard. In the meantime it started getting really windy so Jim detached our sunscreen and brought in the awning.

We both went walking when I got back. Now that Judy, my walking partner, is gone Jim said he'll walk with me on days Kathleen isn't available. He'll walk with me at my pace for at least a mile then take off on his own. I need someone to walk with for motivation.

Today was Bible study for an hour, then we came back and I watched some of my recorded shows. Tonight is something very special at the clubhouse, a mystery play put on by park residents. It was scheduled earlier in the month but some cast members came down with the flu and it was postponed til tonight. Our friend Jon (Kathleen's husband) is the director, and we're really looking forward to it. We'll post some pictures in tomorrow's blog.

Another great day in paradise, but it looks like we're going to get another quick cold snap from the huge cold front that's coming across the south. It may get down to the high 30's the next two nights, and no higher than 70 during the next two days. I know that's not very cold to our friends and family up north, but it's pretty chilly for around here.


Jessica Riker said...

We are heading to Jacksonville tomorrow, and looking forward to the high 60s and 70s coming up! I am loving the weather - wearing shorts in January is so wonderful! :)

Speedy said...

The weather has cooled off here. When we got off work the wind had picked up and the temps had fallen. I guess it is just going to go up and down no matter what

Unknown said...

Looking forward to hearing the report on the Mystery Play. Sounds like fun.

owensontheroad said...

Your 'cold' is our 'warm'..going to be almost 70 here in northern CA. Loving it!

Jim and Judy said...

We really enjoyed your blog Dee & Jim! I just read it & it is 3:00am. I am having trouble sleeping, I guess because I cannot hear the train or the Sierra Club. ha ha We will be heading home today to a low tonight of 35 or so. burrrr----You guys take care. We are looking forward to seeing you again at Blanton Creek. Judy