Sunday, September 9, 2012

More on the Park

(Athens, TX) Hi 87 Lo 58 – It’s still cooler than it has been, but it will start getting warmer again this week.

We took it easy today, we’re both on the mend from colds and feel a lot better. We’ll be fine by Tuesday when we leave for another fun time with friends.
I took some more pictures of our park.
2012-9-7 Texan RV park Athens TX (1)

2012-9-7 Texan RV park Athens TX (2)

The owners' house.
2012-9-7 Texan RV park Athens TX (3)

There’s several small cabins around the park.
2012-9-7 Texan RV park Athens TX (5)

The clubhouse, laundry and showers. There’s a statue and cactus out front.
2012-9-7 Texan RV park Athens TX (7)

There’s two small lakes, which are down quite a bit from lack of rain.
2012-9-7 Texan RV park Athens TX (8)

Today my sister and I set up a video chat on Yahoo Messenger and we got to chat with mom and our husbands. Mom is doing really well, and was fascinated with the video chat setup. We’re happy with how she’s doing. It’s great to be able to use the computer to stay in touch and SEE the person you’re talking too. Thank you Sis for setting it up. Now we can show the family where we are, and when there’s something special happening we’ll be able to show what’s going on.

Jim watched the Dolphins football game while I played games on the computer. He gets so emotionally involved with the Dolphins, and today didn't go well so he's not in a very good mood. We’ll get out a little tomorrow afternoon, then get ready for our next destination.


Jim and Sandie said...

Jim's Redskins won today so it was a good day around our house. Except he was yelling so loud he scared the girls. He, too, gets very emotionally involved.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Our Packers didn't do so well today either. Bummer.

We have Skyped with the kids and it's so much fun! I like how they try to figure out how Granmuddah got IN the computer! Chelsea and Allegra wander around to the backside of the screen to see if they can find me behind it! LOL
Karen and Steve
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Unknown said...

I'm fond of video chatting too. Whoever invented it is a genius. Its a lot cheaper and you can able to get in touch with your love ones easily. Don't forget that you can see their faces while both of you are in gross with conversation.
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