Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watching Our Military at Work

(Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO) Hi 89 Lo 65 -- We have been so busy seeing things around the area that I haven’t talked much about the base and the area we’re in.

Significant rain hasn’t fallen in quite some time so it’s very dry, and the little pond next to us is slowly shrinking. This used to be full all the way to the rocks in the back and close to the trees. The grass that was planted is totally dried out.
2012-7-17 views to Buckley AFB COLO(54)

2012-7-17 views to Buckley AFB COLO(51)

One of the things we watch almost daily is the F-16 takeoffs and landings. They often take off in pairs and do low fly byes. We seldom here them land, but when they take off the sound is deafening. It’s the sound of freedom, and it never bothers us.

We often see the military men and women running along the path that goes around the base.

Sometimes they'e in full combat uniform with packs and rifles, and we've even seen them simulate carrying bodies (using dummies). With the temperatures close to 100 everyday I feel sorry for them. Our military goes through a lot to keep us safe.

We didn’t do anything today except watch the Olympics and the NASCAR Nationwide race from Indy. I got involved in watching fencing. I’m not sure how they score or what the rules are, but it sure was interesting to watch.

Jim is watching all of the James Bond movies, one per week, up to the release of the new one in November. Today we watched Live and Let Die, the eighth one of the series. Hard to believe they've been making Bond movies for 50 years.

This evening Jim is going to Coor's Field in Denver to watch the Colorado Rockies baseball game. There's a chance of rain but he's going to chance it. It'll be one more ballpark to check off his list. I'm staying home and will chat and watch the Olympics.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Quite the race today. I'm not sure I agree with the officials about Elliot. Hope you get rain but not until after Jim's game tonight.